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Carry Your Bottle

Start-up Kit 8

Regular price Rs. 3,100.00

Start-up Kit 8 contains

  • Resellers Handbook (This handbook gives you information about our product details, its benefits and the pricing)
  • Flyers
  • Rate card for personal use
  • Set of 8 Bottle - 2 Elegant + 2 Smart + 2 Beach/School Stainless Steel bottles and     2 Health Bottles - 900 ml ( Copper Bottles )
  • Selling Price of Bottles – ₹ 3860/-

    This is a one time purchase for Registration as "Carry Your Bottle" Reseller. You will be issued a re-seller code that will be used for your further purchases.

    Once again welcome to the team. We hope that we together will bring the change and awareness to people to avoid plastic waster by using reusable bottle.


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